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Our office has once again partnered with the website to offer you the ability to complete your federal and state tax returns personally. This site is very similar to Intuit's Turbo Tax Online and the out of pocket costs are straight forward. Turbo Tax Online has stopped posting the cost of their products until you are ready to e-file/print the return. We have provided the cost of the desktop versions to give a rough idea of the cost. If you would like to file using the site then please click here or the banner to the left to move to the affiliated website.

Intuit Turbo

Tax Desktop


Federal Free Edition


Federal Free Edition



Deluxe Edition


Deluxe Edition



Premium Edition


Premier Edition


Small Business*

Premium Edition


Home and Business


State FeeSee Below**


Extension$14.95See Below****

*Small Business refers to filing a Schedule C, Schedule E (Pages 1 and/or 2), and Schedule F

** state fee includes all states in the return. Federal Free State Fee is $9.95; Deluxe State Fee is $14.95; Premium State Fee is $19.95

***Intuit Turbo Tax state fee is $39.99 for each state over the one included in the return for the Deluxe, Premier, and Home and Business Desktop Editions. To E-file states it is an additional cost of $24.99.

****Intuit is not releasing its extension software until March 2017. Pricing is unknown but will likely be comparable to Please check back later for an update.